The Garcia Legacy


The Garcias, a Sims 3 Legacy family

The End

Like everything, I lose interest and it falls to the wayside. However, I thought I’d just let you guys know that the Garcia Legacy has officially ended and won’t be coming back – because it CAN’T come back. A week (or two?) ago my computer was heavily infested with a Trojan and was crippled. I had to rebuild my computer from scratch (I even overwrote the entire hard drive with 0’s to scrub the Trojan out.) Unfortunately the game file (and all the custom content, and everything else) couldn’t be saved. And so the Garcia’s are gone into the nether.

But fear not! The mere fact that I am even telling you all about this means that my interest in Sims 3 has been rekindled. And now is the perfect time to set in motion my ideas for next, hopefully creative, legacy!

Also, I realized a good portion of the pictures are broken because I switched domains, so I am going to go back and fix those so people can still read the legacy.


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Excuses, Excuses

I feel like I ought to post something, lol.

Firstly, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrated it. And then had a great Black Friday afterwards. (I did, lol.)

Secondly, the semester is wrapping up and finals are next week I think. But actually the big time sink that is causing me not to be able to play is the last project I have left which is this graphic novel group project. It kind of has to be done by Monday, even though it isn’t really due until the next Monday. So I have to draw like a demon for the next 3 days.

And that’s what’s going on!

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Chapter 61: Not Good Enough

Clara Forest. A smart, young high school girl with a bright future. Her parents had died when she was young, so she and her sister Heather were sent to live with her distant cousins, the O’Neil’s. Our hero, Brett, runs into her in the park in the center of town. She’s the prettiest girl he’s ever seen.
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I changed the theme for the blog. I got tired of the other one and I like this one pretty well. I hope you all like it too. If you’re having any problems navigating tell me and I’ll see what I can do. It has different navigation stuff from the other theme.

I also fixed the numbering on some of the chapters. Initially I had two chapter 56’s and then I changed the later one to 57 and put on 3 new chapters. However, when I initially messed up I had skipped chapter 55. So the previous chapters 56-60 have all moved back a number and the newest chapter is now the real 60 (as opposed to 61). If you understood all that, good. If you didn’t, it doesn’t really matter, lol.

I’ve heard that patches 1.6 and 1.7 have come out. 1.6 sounds really cool but I’ve heard that it has done horrible things to people’s machines so instead I am going to stick with 1.4 and the older versions of my mods until it settles down some. (But 1.6 sound so cool, right? What a shame.)

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Chapter 60: Wedding Bells

Seeing Adam marry Helen and have a baby so quickly made Lucy realize that her wedding to Loren was long overdue. Their son was already a teenager! Having a child out of wedlock as a teen and living with his father in sin was not looking good to her political supporters, so she decided it was high time that get married and hope her private life didn’t come under too much scrutiny. They called everyone up and invited them to the beach where her mother had married her father years ago.
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Chapter 59: Happy Birthday

It’s that time you’ve all been waiting for!
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Chapter 58: Politicians Kissing Babies

Lucy has been doing very well in politics and has decided to run for the City Council of Sunset Valley. She puts on her best politician smile and goes out to campaign.
(I love this picture, lol.)
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Chapter 57: Skipping School

La-de-la, I’m going about my sim’s day. Rachel and Lucy have been sent off to work and Brett has gone off to school so all I’m doing is babysitting Loren for the day. I click around making sure everyone is doing ok and I notice that Brett’s school performance meter is dropping. And it says he’s skipping school. What the hell?
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Chapter 56: Scenes from An Idealic Life

It should be mentioned that yes, Helen is pregnant. These next pictures should be put to the montage music selection of your choice. I now present to you: Scenes From An Idealic Life.
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Chapter 55

Once again it is Helen who gets baby Brett set up for his birthday.
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